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We recognise that you have put time, effort and money into your car and would wish for it to be worked on by someone who is sympathetic to its age and status as a cherished car. Whilst your car is in our care it will be looked after as if it were our own. We specialise in cars from the 1960’s to the 1990’s , because we enjoy working on these older cars.

We want to take care of your pride and joy – it may be a new acquisition or have been in the family for generations, perhaps an important car with special history or one of just a few produced. No matter, corrosion rectification, accident repairs – both through an insurance claim or privately paid for – and high-quality paintwork and finishing are all services on offer.

Matching an existing paint colour can be challenging on a classic car but we have an excellent range of reference material which will normally produce the original paint name and code and a good source of classic paint colours to match. Where a smaller repair is being carried out we will spray a test card and then hand-tint the paint to match the existing paintwork so as to ensure a highly accurate colour match. We will always aim to give you some paint for touching-up at a later date too.

More widely, we can dip or blast panels and wheels and then paint or powder-coat to the desired colour and finish. Chrome-work can also be renovated and repaired.
We consider that repairing and painting classic cars is us playing a part in preserving our motoring heritage – it is important to us.

  • Quotations and Invoices will be broken down as much as possible to enable the owners to see where their money is being spent.
  • All work digitally photographed and put onto CD for the owners.
  • We don't do "quick fixes", all work is done properly and is done to last.
  • We realise reputation is everything in a business such as this.
  • Advice is free, don't be afraid to ask.
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Unit 1B, Anchorbay Industrial Estate, Erith, Kent,

01322 345005


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