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The ultimate beach boys vehicle ... in standard form, you cant get much more laid back ... for your image, you cant get much cooler, and for general practicality and straightforward fun, you cant beat the classic VW camper van. Similar to the Beetle, the avenues that you can follow with a VW camper are endless, but one thing you can guarantee is fun along the way. A restoration done by Panel Perfect will be the envy of all and a good investment only likely to appreciate in value.

Volkswagen Campers are a huge passion of ours and we are fast developing a reputation for quality custom paint and conversion within the local and national VW scene. All aspects of bodywork restoration undertaken to a very high standard, we believe in doing a job right the first time to the standard you expect. We specialise in restoring Volkswagen campers back to their former glory and as we work on them every day we know exactly what is involved in restoring a 40 year old camper back to beauty, sourcing the best parts and all for prices which are reasonable and fair.

We offer many services including:
  • Window fitting
  • Window tinting
  • Rear seat conversions including rear seat belts
  • Lowering
  • Rear insulation and carpet lining
  • Recreating body panels, chassis and other parts to restore your classic car.
  • Re-making and installing new chassis parts.
  • Cutting out of corroded metal and continuous weld in of replacement panels.
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Unit 1B, Anchorbay Industrial Estate, Erith, Kent,

01322 345005


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