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Panel Perfect pride ourselves on excellent workmanship on all that we do but as our leader will tell you, there is nothing more rewarding than going to a show and seeing a vehicle that we restored and it is still looking great. There is wonderful something about taking a old Beetle that otherwise would be heading for scrap and turning it into something you would be proud to own.

As part of our restoration process we can take a complete portfolio of all works carried out and present it to you on disc and we also keep a history of all cars that we work on so if you buy a vehicle that you think may have had some work carried out by ourselves, give us a call for a small admin cost we can send you copies of all that has been done.

We are often asked "how much will it cost to restore my vehicle" with the best will in the world this is almost impossible to answer, as any good restorer will tell you. Our answer is first to come in with your vehicle so that we can see what it is you would like done.

Once we have seen the vehicle we then have a good idea on the workload and can give you a very good estimate not fixed quote! If you understand restoration you will understand why it would be un-professional to quote. If you are happy with the figures, we then put this in to writing, together with a start and finish time and that's it.
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Unit 1B, Anchorbay Industrial Estate, Erith, Kent,

01322 345005


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